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Here are some questions that we are asked about frequently

I am not the most stellar athlete…are these leagues right for me?

Of course! We run coed recreational social leagues for adults. While we obviously will be playing sports which involves trying to win, we are all here to meet new people and just have a good time. In any league some teams are always better than others. But whether your team is good or not so good, these leagues are just the catalyst for us to get together with a big group week after week, getting to know the other players at the games and league sponsor bar! That’s the best part!

I've got my own team to sign up. Is that cool?

Yes, that’s VERY cool! Nice job coordinating your group to get a full team together. You save a bunch on the per player cost getting a team together too. Plus you can have as many or few people on the roster as you’d like and can bring subs at any time to fill in. There are no age restrictions either since you’ve got your own team so invite whoever to join! Email to save your team spot with a small deposit while you finalize the crew and collect from everyone.

How many friends can I join with? I may need a wingman/winglady. Or can I join by myself?

If you don’t have enough folks to form your own team, you can join with one friend, a couple friends, or a group and let us fill your team with some new people. Or you can join by yourself! Lots of people do that when they’re new to town, looking to expand their social circle, etc. Because we get together with the same people every week, it’s effortless to make friendships and connections that last beyond the season (many times for a lifetime).

A quick disclaimer: When signing up as a free agent player (aka not as a full team), we cannot guarantee that your team will be a championship caliber squad. Many times free agent teams are amazing at the sport/activity and bring home the league champs party prize! Other times they’re better at having drinks at the bar. And best case scenario (which happens), your team is amazing at both! The whole team gets along well, joins together as a full team the next season, stands up at each other’s weddings, name children after each other and tells everyone they meet that their S3 League teams were the best times of their life. S3 Simply Social Sports are for anyone looking to be social and active, so just sign up and give it a shot! You’ll be glad you did.

Does my team need to find its own sponsor bar to go to after games?

Nope! That’s the best part about these leagues. The whole point is for us to ALL go to the same place after games to booze and schmooze. We work out great specials for you at our sponsors, and buy your team some beer to start off each night in most leagues. Our sponsor bars know how to take care of our teams and treat em right so it’s a fun experience every week! Don’t worry guys, we’ve got you covered. We love our S3 sponsor bars, and they appreciate you hanging out.

My company wants to sign up a team. Should we choose to sign up with S3?

Absolutely! We get lots of these teams in S3. You’re lucky that you work for a company that understands how important it is for its employees to participate in an activity outside of the office. Playing on a corporate sports league team has been shown to increase worker productivity and satisfaction. Seeing each other in a casual setting helps to create a happy workplace. Most companies want to let anyone interested join the team, not just the best athletes. That’s why S3 leagues are THE BEST choice for you! We only run recreational leagues so while there are teams better than others in any league, no team is ever the obvious league champ and ALL teams enjoy the playing and socializing experience. Email to save your team spot and let us help you get the crew together. We’re here to assist and make it easy on you!

What is the general age range of participants in these leagues?

We create teams in every league for participants 21-42 years of age. Teams will be formed with a ~4-10 year total age range from youngest to oldest, depending on how individual and group sign ups come in. Sometimes the range is smaller for leagues with more free agent teams. If you have a preference for the ages of your teammates, just shoot us an email and we’ll make sure to hook it up. Or include it on your registration form. In occasional cases where there is only one free agent team formed in a league, you may be on a team with others in a wider age range. But this rarely happens and everyone who joins our leagues acts the same age anyways!

I have to miss a game or two during the season. Should I still sign up?

Of course! We put enough players on free agent teams in every league to cover occasional absences. If you ever have to miss a week, just let your captain know so they have an accurate count for that day’s games and can bring subs as needed.

I heard S3 does league playoffs in a different way. What's that all about?

Because we run Simply Social rec leagues, some teams aren’t as good at winning games as they are at just having fun hanging out. Therefore, in all leagues teams are placed into independent divisions based on regular season records for final day playoff tournaments. This method creates a balanced playoffs system where similarly skilled teams play each other, and also so that any team can end the season as league champs. Plus the winner of EACH division tournament gets a team party at your awesome sponsor bar! It really doesn’t get better that that. For playoffs, if there’s only one court/field used for a specific league then we always do Division A games first, then Division B games after that, and additional divisions after this (if there are more than 2 divisions).

I don't live in the city, but I want to play! Can I join?

Of course you can! There are always players from all the city neighborhoods and Chicagoland suburbs. There’s decent parking at most locations, plus weekend options and nothing like this in the burbs, so come spend some time in the city with us.

When is the deadline to sign up?

We only offer a handful of leagues each session to make sure that they are run well and provide the awesome experience you deserve. You’ll notice the S3 difference when you play, which is why we’ve sold out pretty much every league since starting these good times in 2009. Registration will close once all individual and team spots are taken, and leagues often times fill up several weeks before the first game. Then it’s time for us to get organized, make teams and schedules and email out everything you need to know for the season. To summarize, if you’d like to play join right away before it’s too late!

Do you have terms and conditions for participation that I can review? i.e. the waiver I'll have to sign.

Of course. Check it out here. Pretty standard intramural sports league stuff. Just play safe and don’t act a fool.

Is there a refund policy? Just in case my work transfers me to Bangladesh.

Do we really need one of those…? You’ll want to play, but just in case we’ve got it spelled out pretty clearly here.

What is your privacy policy? I'd like to know what you do with my info when I sign up.

We need some info from you before participation in a league or event. Click here to view our full privacy/personally identifiable information policy.

S3 Leagues Statement of Inclusivity:

S3 Leagues believes that diversity and inclusion are essential to its mission as a social and recreational intramural athletics program. Aligning with our desire to provide a more welcoming and fun league experience to all, S3 Leagues welcomes and respects people across all dimensions, including but not limited to gender identity, sexual identity, race, ethnicity, nationality, physical capability and religion. We are dedicated to creating and supporting an environment that promotes diversity in all forms.

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