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Here we are.

Either A) We just made it through another brutal Chicago winter, and spring is almost upon us or B) Sadly, outdoor activities are coming to an end. Whatever the case, we always need to break up the week with something fun to do that takes our mind off of the daily grind right?

That’s where I got the idea for S3 Simply Social Sports Leagues back in 2009. While at a bar one day talking to friends about the need for a better overall rec league experience, the idea of S3 came together on a bar napkin (for real!). Obviously in the warmer months there’s an endless amount of events and places to hang, and in the winter uh…there’s not that much. Being active and playing in a social sports league is the most popular group activity by far, and truly a rite of passage in Chicago. After your first season you’ll want to be signed up for one (or more) at all times.

That’s where S3 comes in. Your knight in shining armor. Here to whisk you away on its white horse of action and meeting people while playing coed social sports. In THE MOST organized and welcoming way possible.

Speaking of meeting people, a league is THE BEST way to do that! Sure one night events are fun, but you can’t form lasting relationships over a 10 minute conversation. During a 5-8 week season with the same team and entire league at our post-game bar, it’s easy to make connections with others! Maybe you meet the love of your life (happens A LOT) or maybe you make new friends. Either way, those are hard to come by and a social rec league makes that happen.

It seems like everyone wants to play on an intramural sports team, but often times find it difficult to organize a group of people to sign up a whole squad. Sure having your company sponsor a team or having an organized friend take charge and get a crew built is awesome and definitely welcome in S3. But what if you could join a team either by yourself or with friends and get placed on a team with other people around your age, half guys half girls, for a league GUARANTEED? Sound cool? Well it is! And we do that! In every league! Join and you’re in.

So if you are the kind of person who likes to get to know folks and play a little recreational sports while you’re at it, REGISTER TODAY! Then just sit tight til you get updates and information on your season.

What’s the catch you ask? There’s only one. Well two. First, come every week excited to have a good time playing and hanging out with your fellow Chicagoans. That one’s easy. Sure winning is nice, but teams/players choose to join our leagues specifically because they’re not frustratingly competitive and we’re more focused on enjoying our day/night. The second is better for me. When you meet a special someone or make a lifelong friend, not only will I be incredibly happy for ya, but you are allowed to buy me a “Thanks Ben” drink at the bar when you see me. And I’ve happily accepted many of these drinks 🙂

I’m grateful and blessed to say that these leagues have become popular over the years, so sign up right away before the one you like fills up! Then I look forward to meeting you, thanking you personally for choosing my leagues, and proving why S3 is totally “More than just a league”.

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