Refund Policy

UPDATED Refund policy during Covid-19:

  • If your league is cancelled for any reason before we begin, you will receive a full refund. If after first games have been played, with cancellations/postponements related to Covid-19 where the government or health officials will not allow us to operate, we will pause the season and postpone games to start back up on the earliest possible future date. There is no specific deadline for when postponed games must be made up, only that they must be completed within a reasonable period of time as weather permits. In the event of Covid related postponement make ups, we are unable to provide refunds if a player or team is unable to attend the make up dates due to fixed expenses incurred by running the league with other teams attending. S3 will continue to run league games until we are told to cease operations by a local health and/or governmental order.
  • If a season needs to be ended and games cannot be made up, you will receive a prorated credit for future leagues that never expires. It’s important to note that once the season begins, S3 incurs many startup expenses including shirts, equipment, permit costs, etc, and therefore the prorated credits will NOT be calculated in the following way: Total fees paid/Total weeks in the season=weekly cost to participate. Of course we will be fair in this calculation based on each individual league’s expenses. This is partially because if our seasons must stop playing for any reason related to Covid-19 after facility payments have been made, we will only receive credits for future leagues.
  • Because we understand things can change either in the city or your personal life these days, we want to give you more flexibility and time than our normal refund policy. Therefore, free agent players may request a full refund via email 14+ days prior to your league start date (normally 21+ days). Full teams may request a full refund of their deposit and/or full payment 21+ days prior to the league start date. For both of these refunds, we will deduct any non-refundable credit card processing fees incurred (normally 2.9%). Past these refund request dates, refunds are not allowed for any reason but you may replace yourself with another player of the same gender. If the start of a season is delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions, the date to request a refund by will be extended relative to this new date. For season delays, once a start date is officially announced and past the standard time frame to request a refund, no refunds will be given.
  • If you request a refund after the designated time to receive one, there is a chance we may be able to replace you with another interested player or team, but this is in not guaranteed or to be expected. We want all spots on teams filled, so if the league is sold out and someone wants to play or a team wants to take your spot, we will replace you with them. Free agent players will receive a refund minus a $25 player replacement fee for the work and additional expense involved in switching you out with another player. Full teams will receive a refund of their balance payment and their deposit will be retained as a deposit credit for any future league.
  • Players are expected to follow all guidelines and state regulations to be able to participate. These rules that must be followed are available in the Covid-19 Guidelines tab on our website. Each league has its own specific guidelines that players are expected to follow at all times while attending matches, including requirements to wear face coverings over the mouth and nose at various times or even all times during game play. Bandanas, neck gaiters, balaclavas or masks with valves are not allowed as they have been proven not to provide sufficient protection to you and others. If a player violates any league Covid-19 policy or guidelines and does not immediately comply when asked to, this player may be removed from the league with no refund provided. We all must respect each other to protect others and ourselves during these times and non-compliance to these guidelines will not be tolerated.
  • After first games have been played, if you or your team choose to drop out of the league or are required not to attend games due to state quarantine requirements from a positive Covid-19 test result or are awaiting Covid-19 test results due to potential exposure/concerns, no refunds or credits will be provided for missed or unplayed games and it is unlikely we will be able to make up these games at a later date due to scheduling and availability issues. In addition, no refunds will be provided after first games have been played for reasons including but not limited to personal concerns over Covid-19, family or work situations, relocation, a positive Covid-19 result or awaiting test results by either by you, a teammate, another league player, or someone you’ve been in close contact with that requires quarantine or non-attendance by state mandate.
  • Players are expected to act responsibly both during league participation but also outside of leagues for their own safety. S3 can only reasonably be expected to run leagues in a safe way that follows state guidelines. With how much work is required to plan, organize, often reorganize many times, etc, S3 would not be able to run leagues if providing refunds and/or rescheduling games for players or teams that become unable to attend due to any of the aforementioned issues that may have arisen or been caused by non-league related activities. Just the same as if a player or team couldn’t attend games due to various issues that come up mid-season during normal times. Thank you for your understanding of this.

Normal Times Refund Policy:

  • Individual player league fees are refundable if the player sends an email requesting a refund more than 21 days before the scheduled league initial event (or first game night if there is no initial event). Team deposits are refundable if the captain emails us 30 days before the scheduled league initial event date (or first game night if there is no initial event). We base our refund period on the initial event date because leagues are organized (player spots reserved, teams made, shirts ordered, etc) in preparation for this official start date. Since no changes can be made after the initial event as teams have been finalized and everything has been organized, this is what S3 considers it’s league start date. It can be difficult to fill individual or team spots close to start dates which is why we need to have the refund dates far out from the league start date.
  • ​At or within 21 calendar days of your season’s request for full refund date, refunds are not allowed for the following reasons including but not limited to inability to play due to injury, illness, relocation, work situations, etc. If no refund is available, only replacements that you yourself find are allowed. He/she must email us registration information (name, email, age, shirt size, etc), but then pay you directly for what you agree upon for their league fees. He/she will not be allowed to play without submitting this information and without informing the league of this switch. In this situation, all replacements must usually be of the same gender and around the same age to maintain the ratios and consistency of team organization.
  • If a player or team will be refunded due to no fault of their own, in other words if a league is cancelled or another no fault situation, S3 will refund your payment in full. For partial season cancellations, a prorated refund will be provided. If a player or team captain decides of their own choosing to drop out of a league either before or after the start date, signs up by accident and needs a refund, switches leagues and needs a partial refund, etc, and that refund is granted per the terms and conditions of refunds, that player or team will be refunded minus the transaction processing fees S3 is charged that are not refunded to us. Every transaction performed through Paypal is charged a 2.9% + $0.30 fee. When sending a refund, S3 is not refunded this fee, and therefore cannot be refunded to the player or team. For example, if you paid $50 the fee Paypal takes is $1.75. Therefore if you request a refund for something of your own decision, you would receive a $48.25 refund. We know this is a minor thing, but imagine how much this would add up over time! Thanks for your understanding of this issue.
  • Once a request for refund is finalized and a full refund is provided, that person may not join re-join that same league season for any reason, so only request a full refund if you are absolutely certain that you are unable to play. If you would merely like to switch the league you are signed up for, the amount paid can be directly applied to the other league and if there is a difference in league fees, a refund or additional league fee payment will apply.
  • If none of these options work, there is a chance we may be able to replace you with another interested player, but this is in no way guaranteed or to be expected. We want all spots on teams filled, so if the league is sold out and someone wants to play that fits yours spot, we will replace you with that person and provide a refund minus a $25 player replacement fee for the work and additional expense involved in switching you out with another player. Payments cannot be saved as a credit for future leagues if you yourself choose to drop out of a league.
  • League fees are non-refundable regardless of the circumstances at any time once the season has begun (except as noted by Covid-19 related situations noted below). Once replaced during the season, you may not re-enter the season for any reason.