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With friends, by yourself or as your own full team!

Full teams join all the time, plus we create free agent teams in each coed league that include other players around the same age. These teams aren't made until all spots are filled, so sign up and request to play with friends while there's space and you're guaranteed to play together. Or join solo to meet new people! We pride ourselves in running the most well organized, personalized and FUN leagues that you'll ever be a part of. And we're the ONLY leagues where ALL teams walk to the same nearby bar for post-game hang outs and exclusive specials! So what are you waiting for!? JOIN US to experience what makes S3 "More than just a league".

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Every League Crazy Fun, Every Time.

Be active and get social!

Countless new friendships, relationships, champions & great memories made --- plus tons of S3 weddings and babies!

We are popular & unique.

We only offer a handful of leagues every session to ensure that each is run with the care and attention you deserve. You'll have a unique league experience where meeting new people and being social are part of the fun. Getting together with the same group of teams every week at games and our sponsor bar creates an environment where relationships easily form!

We level the playing field.

In any league, some teams are better than others. So for playoffs in S3, teams are placed into multiple divisions based on regular season records for final day tournaments. This creates a more fair and balanced playoffs where similarly skilled teams compete to be league champs. And the winner of EACH division gets a team party at your sponsor bar to celebrate the season!

We have the lowest fees.

We are an independently run and locally focused organization. We're proud to offer the lowest team and player fees while making it our mission to provide what we're consistently told is the best league experience in town! We're truly grateful to all the great teams and players that have chosen to join us over the years to help make this Simply Social Sports experiment a lasting success.

What People Are Saying

  • 5 star review  Been playing S3 summer and fall softball for ~7 years now and every one has been great. The league is super organized and management is very accessible and prompt at answering questions, helping out, etc. Unlike other leagues, S3 is a perfect mix of competitive and fun -- 99% of people who play S3 are good people and the league feels more like a family than some giant faceless softball corporation.

    thumb Quinn Myers
    October 29, 2020
  • 5 star review  Highly recommend! Not knowing anyone in Chicago when I first moved, this was the best way to meet people. I joined a random kickball team in 2016 and today those people are still some of my best friends!

    thumb Sophia Kassam
    September 18, 2020
  • 5 star review  S3 is a great league! It is inexpensive, and Ben has been more than accommodating and flexible in helping with getting my teams signed up every year. Solid competition, and you can't beat the bar deals--no other league I've played in offers them!

    thumb MaryClaire Cieply
    August 12, 2020
  • 5 star review  I have been playing in S3 Leagues for a few years. A number of different sports during different times of the year. Always a fun way to stay active with sports and meet new people. They also do a tubing float trip a couple times during the summer and that is a blast! If you’re new to the city, enjoy playing sports, and want to meet new people who share that interest, definitely give S3 Leagues a chance!!

    thumb Mark Elg
    July 8, 2020
  • 5 star review  Joining S3, Simply Sport and Social, has been a great way to grow my community in Chicago. I've been in Chicago for 4 years and have played sports my whole life, but found most other sports leagues here to be more exclusionary. I would rarely hang out with my teammates outside of games and rarely found other events hosted by those leagues to be very fun. When I found S3, I signed up because the times and locations were convenient to my schedule. The BIG difference between S3 and other leagues is the people. I quickly developed friendships with my teammates and competitors and have since gone on to develop great relationships with these people. Where as other leagues could often feel exclusionary S3 feels inclusive. I still have a great time with playing the sports (volleyball, kickball) with some nights being very competitive. At the end of the night we all go to the bars to hang out having a great time laughing about the games. Also I have done many of the other activities such as float trips in the summer which are fun and relaxing. Ben the organizer of S3 is very organized and friendly which just adds to the experience.

    thumb Cash DeWitt
    March 8, 2020
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