Covid-19 Preventative Measures at Softball & Kickball Games & Guidelines for Participation

*Prior to and during your season, S3 Leagues will be closely monitoring Covid-19 advice and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as local and state officials. We will continually educate our umpires on updated preventative measures, require day of umpiring temperature checks and that they inform us immediately and stay home if feeling unwell or displaying Covid-19 symptoms.

This list includes important safety precautions and guidelines that we and our players must follow at games. We need EVERY registered participant to read this in its entirety so we’re all on the same page before hitting the field. First you will see bullet points that provide a brief outline of each item. For those that want more detail and understanding related these requirements, please read the information below that.

  • If you are feeling unwell, experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, have been in close contact with someone or yourself have positive for Covid-19, YOU MUST STAY HOME.
  • ALL players and ALL subs must sign our digital waivers HERE before participating.
  • AT NO TIME may anyone come within 6 ft. of a league umpire or staff member.
  • Captains are required by state regulations to email a complete daily team attendance list with team name and date to A picture of the batting order is okay.
  • Wearing a face covering over your mouth and nose is required at all times while on the sidelines and not playing on the field.
  • Bandanas, neck gaiters, balaclavas or masks with valves are not allowed as they have been proven not to provide sufficient protection to you and others.

  • We have a ZERO tolerance policy for any intentional acts of non-adherence to these rules.
  • More than ever, we expect players to be calm and non-argumentative during games.
  • Do not touch any parts of your face. If you must cough or sneeze, do it into your sleeve or shirt even with a mask on.
  • Maintain social distance of 6+ ft. between players when possible on and off the field. Masks must be worn at all times while on the sidelines and not actively playing on the field. This includes while warming up, waiting to start your game, before and after and also during games. On the infield maintain proper distance when possible.
  • Fielders must be vigilant not to impede the runner’s path. If fielders impede/block the path of a runner prior to or while approaching the base, interference will be called. Runners are responsible for avoiding contact by running around the fielder and will likely be safe. After any close play (tag out, etc) and play is called dead, fielders are responsible for moving to establish 6+ ft. of space.
  • Players must stay 6+ ft away from all fencing at the field. Do not congregate in the bench area.
  • Non-roster spectators are discouraged. If attending, they must maintain social distance.
  • Try not to bring any personal items not needed for the game to the field.
  • Masks are not required while on the field. Players may still choose to wear one. We encourage this.
  • Players may not yell loudly at another player or umpire, especially within close distance.
  • Leave the field immediately after your game so the next teams can get ready to play. Teams that arrive for the next game must wait far away from the field until teams have left to take their sides.
  • Players must sanitize their hands with provided sanitizer upon arrival. After games it will also be provided. For any other sanitizing desired players should bring their own.
  • S3 encourages all players to bring their own game equipment to minimize use of shared equipment. Umpires will spray sanitize league bats and the game ball after every game.
  • No high fives between teammates during games. Handshakes/walking of the line will not be done after games. Just yell “Good game!”
  • Lastly, S3 leagues usually run smooth and super organized. We’re working to ensure they will be this season as well! But in case there are some minor issues or inconveniences, this is a tricky and ever changing time for us all so we ask for your understanding with this. Let’s all appreciate simply being able to play some friendly sports this summer. Follow the rules, be chill and help make it a fun, laid back and harmonious season for everyone. THX!

Requirements & Guidelines for League Umpires, Coordinators & Staff

  1. All S3 staff attending leagues or events will take a daily temperate check prior to their shift.
  2. All S3 staff will wear face coverings over their nose and mouth when within 6-ft. of others.
  3. Hand sanitizer is available to all S3 staff to use throughout their shift.
  4. All S3 staff are required to inform S3 management if they are feeling ill, displaying any and all symptoms of Covid-19, have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or has themselves tested positive for Covid-19. If experiencing any of these things, S3 management will follow all IDPH guidelines for self quarantine and testing requirements of staff member.
  5. Staff understand the importance of being honest about this with no fear of retribution for being unable to attend their shifts, even if last minute.



  • First and most importantly, if any player is feeling generally unwell or experiencing Covid-19 symptoms as defined by the CDC here, YOU MUST STAY HOME AND NOT ATTEND THE GAME OR SPONSOR BAR AT ALL. There is a zero tolerance policy with this, so don’t make our umps have to send you home. We must ALL look out for each other during these times, and that includes being responsible for yourself with regard to this. If you have allergies and are coughing and sneezing/sniffling regularly, highly consider staying home until it subsides just to be sure. If you choose to attend and are displaying allergy symptoms, you are required to wear a mask at all times. Help us all protect each other by not taking chances and putting others at risk.
  • Prior to every game every night, the league umpire will ask each team if everyone in attendance is feeling well today. All team members must reply verbally “Yes” to affirm they are all feeling well. Next the umpire will ask all team members if any of them have any symptoms of Covid-19, have been exposed to or in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or themselves tested positive for Covid-19. All team members must reply verbally “No” to be allowed to play. If anyone answers the other thing to any of these questions that team member will be required to leave the playing area immediately and self quarantine according to IDPH guidelines.
  • ALL players and ALL subs must sign our digital waivers before participating. There will be a standard waiver and additional Covid-19 waiver. We will be cross referencing signed waivers with daily rosters provided to us by teams (explained below) to ensure all participants each day have completed the waivers. If you have a player during a game that had not signed the waiver, your team will forfeit that game. You can sign the league waivers here.
  • At no time may any participant for any reason whatsoever, come within 6 ft. of a league umpire or staff member. Not to get your shirt (we’ll explain how to get that below), to ask a question, to get something, question a call, NOTHING at all. This is to protect both you and our umpire/staff. Being outdoors, our staff is only required to wear a mask when within 6 ft. of a player. Some may wear masks while others may choose not to or are unable to. You are allowed to talk to the umpire of course, but you MUST maintain social distance while doing so even if you are wearing a mask. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in ejection from the game. Severe infractions may result in removal from the league. We are extremely lucky to have the commitment from these umpires to run our leagues right now. They have chosen to do this in their free time (yes they have other jobs) even in these circumstances for fun and love of the game. We ask that you all show your maturity and appreciation by playing it cool during games.
  • After signing the digital waiver you will receive an email confirmation. To receive your league shirt, on your phone zoom in on your name shown on the email confirmation and show it to the league coordinator from 6+ ft. away. They will grab your shirt and toss it to you.
  • We will have a ZERO tolerance policy for any intentional acts of non-adherence to these rules set forth. Any blatant disregard for social distancing, intimidation, risky virus related fooling around or flagrant disrespect for your fellow player or staff. This will result in ejection from the game and likely from the league with no refund provided. More than ever, while we expect to have competitive matches, we also expect players to be calm and non-combative both to other players as well as the umpire. We are living in a different time right now where all players MUST play with integrity and be respectful of each other and the situation.
  • With regard to social distancing, players must respect each other’s space both on and off the field by adhering to social distancing of 6 ft. Do not assume that someone is comfortable shaking your hand, high fiving, speaking to you at close distance, or even standing close to you. In our leagues, the universally understood non-judgmental gesture for “please respect my space and do not get too close to me” will be raising up a hand or two at or around waist level with your palms facing out. No one should have to do this though with you all keeping 6 ft. from each other, but just in case. This is especially true for free agent teams that don’t all know each other yet.
  • For your own safety and the safety of others, it is incredibly important that players do not touch their face AT ANY TIME from the beginning of the game until the end. If you must cough or sneeze, do so into your elbow, shirt, etc. NOT your hands or into the air.
  • Wearing a face covering over your mouth and nose is required at all times while on the sidelines and not playing on the field.
  • We recommend you wear a mask on your way to and from games and the sponsor bar. On the sidelines, masks must be worn when you cannot maintain 6 ft. of distance. Teams should avoid congregating in the team dugout area where it is difficult to maintain social distance. While warming up or while waiting to start your team’s game away from the field, social distancing must be maintained if masks are not worn. In addition, players not actively participating in the game must stay 6+ ft. from all fencing on the field in case a play happens along the fence or the ump gets closer to a play. We highly discourage spectators at games that are not on the roster and playing, but if any do attend they must not be positioned near the team during the game.
  • Players should limit the amount of belongings they bring to games. If possible, please do not bring any unnecessary bags, purses, or any other items not being used for the game. If you do bring personal belongings, they must be placed 6+ feet away from others’ belongings.
  • According to the guidelines set forth by the state for recreational sports leagues, masks will not be required while you are actively participating in the game (on the field). If you want to talk closely to others that also want this, you should wear one. It is the players’ responsibility to be attentive to this. If any player feels more comfortable wearing a mask at any time while attending, you are absolutely welcome to. Thankfully we’re playing outside where the chance of contracting the virus with heat, sun, wind and/or open air, is low compared to other activities. But of course anything we do these days, even staying home, has its level of risk. When outdoors in general, virus prevention is more about avoiding touching things and then touching your face. If you’re putting a mask on and off throughout the game, it moves while running or throwing, etc, you’re touching your face a lot to adjust it. You’ll also sweat and it’s bad to get the mask saturated.
  • Players on the field must ALWAYS be conscious of actively trying to keep social distance spacing of 6 ft. from any other player, both on your own team or the other. Catchers must be positioned off to the side of batters/kickers when not possible to be 6 ft. away behind the plate. Base coaches must be aware of distancing as well. Infielders MUST play in the proper position on the field (6+ ft from any base) after a play has ended and awaiting the next batter/kicker.
  • During a close play or a tag out, players will come within 6 ft. of each other on the field. In this situation we ask that after the play and time is called, the FIELDERS attempt to move away from the runner. Defensive players must be aware of their positioning both before and during a play, and avoid getting in the way of a runner and staying out of the baseline. If a defensive fielder is blocking a base or gets in the baseline to impede a runner, we ask the RUNNER to avoid contact or to run around the defensive player and the runner will likely be determined safe, unless the infraction wouldn’t have affected the outcome of the play. This is especially true at home plate. Simply run around the catcher if they are blocking you, no need to touch the plate.
  • Players may not yell loudly at another player or umpire, especially at a close distance from another person. You can communicate with your teammates, but if you’re upset about a play please keep it to yourself.
  • Once your game finishes, we ask that you pack up and leave immediately. Do not hang around at the field and socialize. If your team is arriving while another game is currently in play, your team must remain a significant distance from the field so that our group size does not ever exceed 50 people.  Once these teams have left, the other teams may come to the field and get ready to play on their respective sides.
  • Upon arrival each night, before touching any shared league equipment or supplies, all league participants are required to sanitize their hands with hand sanitizer provided by S3. Players will also be provided hand sanitizer after the match has concluded. If additional sanitizing of your hands is desired during the game, players are encouraged to bring their own sanitizer.
  • S3 will provide necessary shared equipment for league play available for use by players, but we highly encourage you to bring your own bats, balls, etc. Umpires will use spray sanitizer on all league provided bats and balls at the end of every game. Do not use a bat that you have not been given permission to use by its owner.
  • ALL teams are required by state mandated guidelines to provide S3 Leagues with your daily team attendance roster. First and last names preferred. First names only are okay if last names are not known. One member of the team must take a picture of your team batting/kicking order for the night, ensuring the picture is clear, and then email it to Failure to do so may result in forfeit of the game as it is a requirement we must follow.
  • All park restrooms will be closed and water fountains have been shut off. Potty before coming and bring your own hydration. No shared sources of hydration or shared snacks/food are allowed.
  • Players cannot high five, hug, etc with their own teammates during or after the game. No handshakes or walking of the line will be done after any game. Because we still have good sportsmanship, as a team you’ll do an air high 5 and yell to the other team: “Good game!”
  • Lastly, S3 leagues usually run smooth and super organized. We’re working to ensure they will be this season as well! But in case there are some minor issues or inconveniences, this is a tricky and ever changing time for us all so we ask for your understanding with this. Let’s all appreciate simply being able to play some friendly sports this summer. Follow the rules, be chill and help make it a fun, laid back and harmonious season for everyone. THX!