Covid-19 Preventative Measures at Bowling Games & Guidelines for Participation

The CDC and IDPH are regularly updating their guidelines. We will stay current with them and update these as necessary. Our #1 priority is to keep our players and staff safe. We will fully enforce all required mandates as they are announced and those who do not follow these guidelines will be removed from the league without refund.

This list includes important safety precautions and guidelines that we and our players must follow at games. We need EVERY registered participant to read this in its entirety so we’re all on the same page before attending. First you will see bullet points that provide a brief outline of each item. For those that want more detail and understanding related these requirements, please read the information below that.


Effective in Chicago on January 3, 2022, any individual age 5 and older will be required to show proof of vaccination to dine or drink indoors, visit gyms, or enjoy entertainment venues where food or drink are being served. Bowling alleys fall into this category of qualifying businesses. Therefore, until this city mandate is lifted all participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend this indoor league venue and post-game sponsor bar. You can read the full details here.


  • There is currently an indoor mask mandate in the city of Chicago, which means that ALL PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED to wear a mask that fully covers your mouth and nose AT ALL TIMES while in the facility. Yes, this includes while at your lanes bowling. The only time you are allowed to remove your mask is to quickly take a drink of your beverage or while in the act of eating. Bandanas, neck gaiters, balaclavas, homemade masks or masks with valves are not allowed.
  • Your team must make sure not to have bowlers on lanes next to each other walking up to bowl at the same time. This is in our efforts to maintain social distance between players but also it’s actually common bowling courtesy.
  • All alley staff wear face coverings and they are following very thorough cleaning procedures to keep you safe.
  • If you are feeling unwell, experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, have been in close contact with someone or yourself have positive for Covid-19, YOU MUST STAY HOME.
  • ALL players and ALL subs must sign our digital waivers HERE before participating.
  • Captains are required by state regulations to email a daily attendance list to
  • We have a ZERO tolerance policy for any intentional acts of non-adherence to these rules.
  • Do not touch any parts of your face. If you must cough or sneeze, do it into your arm or shirt. With your mask on.
  • Maintain social distance of 6+ ft. between other bowlers on other teams when possible.
  • Non-roster spectators are NOT ALLOWED.
  • Try not to bring any personal items not needed for the game to the alley.
  • Players may not yell loudly at another player, especially within close distance.
  • Players must sanitize their hands with sanitizer upon arrival. For any other sanitizing desired players can bring their own.
  • No high fives or close celebratory interactions between teammates during games.
  • The venue is being attentive to all the requirements and guidelines that the state and city health department has put in place. They will continually be cleaning and disinfecting all areas in the bowling lanes before we arrive as well as washing and disinfecting all of the balls.
  • Lastly, S3 leagues usually run smooth and super organized. We’re working to ensure they will be this season as well! But in case there are some minor issues or inconveniences, this is a tricky and ever changing time for us all so we ask for your understanding with this. Let’s all be grateful we are able to play some friendly sports. Follow the rules, be chill and help make it a fun, laid back and harmonious season for everyone.

Requirements & Guidelines for League Umpires, Coordinators & Staff

  • All S3 staff attending leagues or events will take a daily temperate check prior to their shift.
  • All S3 staff will wear face coverings over their nose and mouth during the night.
  • Hand sanitizer is available to all S3 staff to use throughout their shift.
  • All S3 staff are required to inform S3 management if they are feeling ill, displaying any and all symptoms of Covid-19, have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or has themselves tested positive for Covid-19.
  • Staff understand it’s important to be open and honest about these things with no fear of retribution for being unable to attend their shifts, even if last minute.



  • First and most importantly, if any player is feeling generally unwell or experiencing Covid-19 symptoms as defined by the CDC here, YOU MUST STAY HOME AND NOT ATTEND THE GAME OR SPONSOR BAR AT ALL. There is a zero tolerance policy with this, so don’t make our umps have to send you home. We must ALL look out for each other during these times, and that includes being responsible for yourself with regard to this.
  • Face coverings over the mouth and nose are required to be worn by players while entering and leaving the building, using the restroom, ordering a drink or food and any time you are not on the lane level of the facility. While on your lane you may remove your mask if you are eating or drinking. Bandanas, neck gaiters, balaclavas or masks with valves are not allowed as they have been proven not to provide sufficient protection to you and others.
  • ALL players and ALL subs must sign our digital waivers before participating. There will be a standard waiver and additional Covid-19 waiver. We will be cross referencing signed waivers with daily rosters provided to us by teams (explained below) to ensure all participants each day have completed the waivers. If you have a player during a game that had not signed the waiver, your team will forfeit that game. You can sign the league waivers here.
  • We will have a ZERO tolerance policy for any intentional acts of non-adherence to these rules set forth. Any blatant disregard for social distancing, intimidation, risky virus related fooling around or flagrant disrespect for your fellow player or staff. This will result in ejection from the game and likely from the league with no refund provided. More than ever, we expect players to be happy and respectful while playing. We are living in a different time right now where all players MUST play with integrity and be understanding of each other and the situation.
  • ALL teams are required by state mandated guidelines to provide S3 Leagues with your daily team attendance roster. First and last names preferred. First names only are okay if last names are not known. One member of the team must email it to
  • With regard to social distancing, players must respect each other’s space by adhering to social distancing of 6 ft. when possible. Do not assume that someone is comfortable shaking your hand, high fiving, speaking to you at close distance, etc. In our leagues, the universally understood non-judgmental gesture for “please respect my space and do not get too close to me” will be raising up a hand or two at or around waist level with your palms facing out. This is especially true for free agent teams that don’t all know each other yet.
  • For your own safety and the safety of others, it is incredibly important that players do not touch their face AT ANY TIME from the beginning of the game until the end. If you must cough or sneeze, do so into your elbow, shirt, etc. NOT your hands or into the air. And yes, with a mask still on.
  • All players must wear a mask at the alley. Masks are required to be worn AT ALL TIMES, from entry to departure. The only time you are allowed to remove your mask is if you are at your lane on the lane level of the facility AND in the act of eating or drinking.
  • Bowlers CANNOT walk up to bowl at the same time on two lanes next to each other.
  • You may not bring anyone to games that is not registered to play. Only bowling subs are allowed.
  • Players should limit the amount of belongings they bring to games. If possible, please do not bring any unnecessary bags, purses, or any other items not being used for the game.
  • Players must ALWAYS be conscious of actively trying to keep social distance spacing of 6 ft. from any other player, both on your own team or the other.
  • Upon arrival each night, before touching any shared league equipment or supplies, all league participants are required to sanitize their hands with hand sanitizer provided by the bowling alley. If additional sanitizing of your hands is desired during the game, players are encouraged to bring their own.
  • The alley is being SUPER attentive to all the requirements and guidelines that the state health department has put in place. Their staff will be wearing masks at all times. They will have latex gloves available for anyone who feels more comfortable bowling with a glove on. They will be cleaning and disinfecting all areas after every group leaves it’s lane as well as washing and disinfecting all of the house balls using antiseptic wipes and bottle brushes to go inside all of the finger holes. All of their employees will have temperature checks two times per shift and have plastic shields at all points of contact with you.
  • No sources of hydration, beverages from the bar or food items are to be shared unless by members of the same family unit.
  • No high fives or close celebratory interactions between teammates during games.