Men's 16" Softball Rules

@ Oz Park

Men’s Thursday Night Oz Park 16” Softball League Rules

  • INNINGS: A full game is 7 total innings or 1 hour of play. 4 innings will be considered a complete game in the event of inclement weather ending a game.

  • EXTRAS: 1 extra inning may be played if time allows it. The ump will announce if there is time for an extra with at least 1 full inning remaining in the regular game. For the extra inning, each team starts with no outs and the player that was up to bat when the 3rd out was made in the previous inning on second base. Games can end in ties if no time remains for an extra or if no winner is determined after the extra.

  • RECORDS: Teams will be ranked in order of wins and losses. First tiebreaker is head to head matchup. Second tiebreaker is total runs scored during the season. Third tiebreaker is strength of schedule where each team will be given a weighted value based on their records and runs your team scored against them will be weighted using those values.

  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS: A team must field EIGHT (8) players to begin the game. You may add a 9th and 10th player in the field at any time. Late arrivals will be added to the bottom of the batting order.

  • COURTESY RUNNERS: A player may use a pinch runner if needed due to injury. The player must bat and get to base safely before the pinch runner can be used. The runner will be the last guy out before the batter.

  • BAT RULE: Official softball bats ONLY.

  • FOOTWEAR: No metal cleats or spikes of any kind. Rubber or plastic spikes are allowed.

  • GLOVE RULE: Anyone playing on the field will not be allowed to use (wear) any type of fielding or batting gloves.

  • SAFETY BASE: Base runners must use the orange portion of the base when there is a play at first base. The defensive player must use the white portion of the base. If a runner fails to use the orange portion of the base, he will be ruled out.

  • SLIDE RULE: On a close play at ANY base EXCEPT going from home to first, the runner MUST SLIDE to avoid contact with an opposing player. Avoid contact at all costs!

  • PITCHING: The unlimited-arc rule is in effect for pitching. Pitches over 12 feet high must land in the home-plate well or within 20 inches of the point and cross the plate between the batter’s shoulders and knees. Minimum arc for a pitch is 6 feet with the strike depth to be ruled by the umpire. Fast or “heavy” pitches will be called balls. No more than two fake pitches (hesitations) will be allowed per pitch, if violated, a ball on the current batter will be called. Pitcher must pitch from the mound and is allowed 1 step off of the mound when pitching.

  • AT BATS: Each at bat will begin with a 1-1 count. A foul with 2 strikes and the batter is out.

  • PICKOFF RULES: A pitcher or catcher may run at the runner to force him back to the base without penalty. Anytime a runner is thrown at by pitcher or catcher, a ball will be called if the runner is not picked off. A runner can only advance one base if he is thrown at or played on. If the base ahead of played on runner is occupied, he cannot advance. A player that is not played on may not advance.

  • DUGOUT/OUT OF PLAY RULE:  If the ball goes into the dugout area or out of play (past the fence), the runners are awarded the base they are going to, plus one base from the time of the throw.

  • ROSTER: Every team must have their official ROSTERS in to the League Coordinator before the start of the first game. Up to 16 players allowed on the official roster and all MUST sign the online digital waivers — Any subs must be requested and approved prior to game start time. No street people, unless the opposing team allows the team to pick up a player to avoid a forfeit!

  • RAINOUT LINE: Game calls offs are determined by 1 hour before the first game time (~5 pm). This is to give fields as much time as possible to dry out after rain. Games may also be called off during the night as inclement weather develops. THE RAINOUT LINE # IS: 312-488-4882. We recommend calling this line EVERY night before heading to your game to make sure we’re on.

  • WARM UPS: The home team gets the field for pre-game warm ups. Visitor warm ups in right field corner. Home team is team on RIGHT side of schedule.

  • GAME BALL:  Home team gets to keep the game ball after the game.

  • FIGHTING: Fighting of any kind will not be tolerated. 1st offense is a one-game suspension; 2nd offense, player is ejected from the league for the season and possibly future seasons.

  • ALCOHOL & DRUGS: If anyone abuses this rule they will forfeit the remainder of the games and the right of entry the following year.

  • SLAUGHTER RULE: Slaughter is declared if one team is up by 15 runs after 4 innings or 10 runs after 5 innings – the losing team must bat at least four times. If the slaughter score is reached in the 6th inning or 7th inning, the home team still gets to bat.

  • UMPIRES: Umpires are paid $25/game in cash by EACH team immediately BEFORE the game.

  • FORFEITS: The forfeiting team must pay the $25 umpire’s fee for both teams—total $50. Please inform the League Coordinator as soon as your team knows it will forfeit. Those that can still attend should still come, and we will throw together a fun pickup game so you still get to play. The score of a forfeited game is 10-0.

  • PLAYOFFS: All 12 teams will play 7 regular season games and are guaranteed at least 1 playoff game. Home team is always the higher ranked team. In week 8, the top 8 teams will play in the Division A tournament. DIV A Week 8: 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5. Week 9: Top ranked winner vs lowest ranked winner, Other 2 winners play, and those winners play in the Championship right after. The bottom 4 ranked teams will play in their own independent playoffs Division B. Week 8 9 vs 12, 10 vs 11. Week 9: Two winners play for championship.