Indoor Volleyball

Wednesdays @ Hamlin Park


So, how good are ya?

**To determine rankings for ties going into playoffs, a weighted system using games won and strength of schedule is used. The team with the top record is given the highest “value” and the team with the bottom record given the lowest “value”. Every win against a team was multiplied by their “value” to determine the total “points” won during each match. Basically if you win against better teams you get more points, and if you win against worse teams you get less points.
Rank Team Color Wins Loses
1 Heather Sapphire Heather Sapphire 8 1
2 Real chili has no beans Antique Jade Dome 6 3
3 The Dirty 6:30 Neon Blue 5 4
4 Blair Hits Project Midnight 3 6
4 Heather Red Heather Red 3 6
6 Wildly inconsistent Blackberry 2 7

Full Regular Season Schedule & Results

Date Time Team 1 Team 2
Wed 11/2 6:15 PM The Dirty 6:30 1 Wildly inconsistent 2
Wed 11/2 7:00 PM Heather Sapphire 3 Heather Red 0
Wed 11/2 7:45 PM Real chili has no beans 1 Blair Hits Project 2
Wed 11/9 6:15 PM Heather Sapphire 2 Blair Hits Project 1
Wed 11/9 7:00 PM The Dirty 6:30 1 Real chili has no beans 2
Wed 11/9 7:45 PM Heather Red 3 Wildly inconsistent 0
Wed 11/16 6:15 PM Wildly inconsistent 0 Heather Sapphire 3
Wed 11/16 7:00 PM The Dirty 6:30 3 Blair Hits Project 0
Wed 11/16 7:45 PM Heather Red 0 Real chili has no beans 3
Wednesday, November 23rd - No Games for Thanksgiving.
Wed 11/30 6:15 PM Blair Hits Project Heather Red
Wed 11/30 7:00 PM Wildly inconsistent Real chili has no beans
Wed 11/30 7:45 PM Heather Sapphire The Dirty 6:30
Wednesday, December 7th - Team Theme Night!
Pick a theme, any theme, and dress up. Get crazy or keep it simple, but every team should be themed up this night! Why? Cuz it's a fun, crazy league, that's why! Let's see who can show off the best team spirit 🙂
Wed 12/7 6:15 PM Heather Red The Dirty 6:30
Wed 12/7 7:00 PM Real chili has no beans Heather Sapphire
Wed 12/7 7:45 PM Blair Hits Project Wildly inconsistent
Wednesday, December 14th - Playoff Tourneys!
For our final night playoff tourneys, teams are placed into 2 independent divisions based on regular season records. The top 3 teams in the top division and the bottom 3 teams in the other. Because these are social leagues, some teams aren't as good at bump, set, hitting as they are at hanging out and having drinks at the bar after games. This method of running playoffs allows similarly skilled teams to play each other in the end, and so any team can end the season as champs. The winner of EACH division's Championship Match gets a team party at our sponsor bar!