Late Fall/Early Winter Leagues

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We've got the most fun leagues in Chicago.

Sign Up A Full Team, Join With Friends or By Yourself

Full teams join all the time, plus we create free agent teams in each league that include coed players around the same age. Sign up and request to play with friends and you’re guaranteed to play together. Or join solo! That’s common too.

We pride ourselves in running the most organized & SOCIAL leagues that you’ll ever play in. And we’re the ONLY leagues where after games ALL teams walk to the same nearby bar for post-game parties and exclusive specials!

As an independently run and Chicago based league organization, we’re proud to offer the lowest prices while still providing the best overall league experience! Our full team fees are $150-$250 less for a season than other leagues out there. Free agent players save $25-$35 too! And first time groups of 3+, email us for a special discount!

What are YOU gonna play?

We only run coed, recreational leagues! ALL skill levels are welcome!





Matball (Indoor Kickball)

Family Feud Trivia

Indoor Volleyball

Singles Skeeball

What is Singles Skeeball? We’re glad you asked! This league is for singles looking to mingle! Sign up by yourself or with friends and get teamed up with others around your age for the season, half guys half girls! There’s 6 different teams made for ages 21-42. Whether you meet someone to date or make a new single friend, it’s super easy to create lasting relationships over our 5-week skeeson. This is easily our most laid back, social league. It fills up FAST so register right away!

What People Are Saying

  • I absolutely love playing in the S3 leagues. This is by far my favorite sports company to go through because they are incredibly accommodating and have major perks. My first league I did, they had a bus that took us from the beach to a bar. 10/10 league

    Michelle Mann Avatar Michelle Mann
    November 9, 2021
  • I have done a summer and a fall kickball league through S3 and they were really well organized and fun! I joined as an individual (free agent) and I love that the org emphasizes that this is a social league and doesn't focus on being amazing at sports! I have made a great group of friends through my teams 🙂

    Laura Liss Avatar Laura Liss
    October 9, 2021
  • Great way to get out and about, have some fun playing volleyball and meet new people! Highly recommend!

    Lakshman Rajadurai Avatar Lakshman Rajadurai
    September 9, 2021
  • I have played in S3 leagues year round (softball, volleyball, and bowling) for the past few years. I am continually impressed with Ben's organization skills and dedication to the league's participants. The sponsor bars are always attentive to those participating in the leagues. Whether you are an individual looking to join as a "free agent" to meet new friends or have a group of friends that you want to play with, I could not recommend S3 sports more!

    Drew Small Avatar Drew Small
    September 9, 2021
  • Been playing S3 summer and fall softball for ~7 years now and every one has been great. The league is super organized and management is very accessible and prompt at answering questions, helping out, etc. Unlike other leagues, S3 is a perfect mix of competitive and fun -- 99% of people who play S3 are good people and the league feels more like a family than some giant faceless softball corporation.

    Quinn Myers Avatar Quinn Myers
    October 29, 2020
  • Highly recommend! Not knowing anyone in Chicago when I first moved, this was the best way to meet people. I joined a random kickball team in 2016 and today those people are still some of my best friends!

    Sophia Kassam Avatar Sophia Kassam
    September 18, 2020
  • S3 is a great league! It is inexpensive, and Ben has been more than accommodating and flexible in helping with getting my teams signed up every year. Solid competition, and you can't beat the bar deals--no other league I've played in offers them!

    MaryClaire Cieply Avatar MaryClaire Cieply
    August 12, 2020

Join S3 to find out why we are "More than just a league"!

Countless new friendships, relationships, champions & great memories made --- plus tons of S3 weddings and babies!

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