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League Details:

  • First Games:
    Thursday, September 14th
  • Final Night:
    Thursday, October 12th
  • Length:
    5 Weeks
    *Prizes every night & final night grand prizes!
  • Game Time:
    7:00-9:00 pm
  • Parking:
    Decent street meter parking near the bar. CTA or rideshare recommended.
  • Maximum Teams
    24 teams, 6/team = 144 Thinkers!
  • Rules & How We Play
    See below
  • Schedule & Results
    Posted here before we start

What's Included:

  • Live trivia hosts making the trivia super fun and keeping it organized!
  • NIGHTLY PRIZES for the top 8 teams! Pretty good chances to get a prize each night! And OVERALL league prizes for the top 5 teams! See them below.
  • Exclusive food and drink specials for our league Thinkers!

Individuals & Groups



Promo codes (if you have em) cannot be used on this league. We make it the best price for everyone!

Full Teams


There’s still space for a full team in this league!

Email to register a full team. After your spot is paid for, you’ve got some time to finalize your players and collect from everyone before the completed team list is due.

Two ways to register

1. As a full team you put together to save a lot on the per person cost! No age restrictions and bring subs as needed. Email to save your team spot.


2. By yourself or with friends and be teamed up with others around your age!  Teams are made for ages 21-42 and there’s up to 6 Thinkers per coed team.  We put enough players on each team for you to miss a week if necessary.

This league we invented is crazy popular so we just keep on running it! Other kinds of trivia can get frustrating if you don’t know tons of random facts, but for this we are all just as smart as everyone else! Meaning any team can win any night and overall! For each question, you and your team will debate with each other, laugh at the goofy answers, and eventually come up with your final choice to turn in! It’s a blast, you’re gonna really enjoy playing.

HOW WE PLAY: Each night there will be 2 rounds of 5 questions. Because there will of course be more than 2 “families” in this league, the trivia works in reverse of how traditional Family Feud scoring goes. Teams are given the survey question that people were asked, and then you have to turn in one answer. BUT you get the MOST points for guessing the lowest answer on the list (the one that only a couple people said) and LESS points for guessing the popular answers! So it’s a battle between making sure your answer is on the on the list of answers given but as far on the bottom of that list as possible. It’s THE BEST kind of trivia ever.

DOUBLE DOWN! For any 1 question each night, your team can choose to double down on their answer. If you want to double down, simply write “2x” in HUGE letters on your answer sheet and circle it. Then we’ll double the points you get for that round! But double down wisely, it could make or break ya.

Thinkers always ask where we get our questions and who we ask for answers. We have scoured the depths of the internet for the best, current questions and chose the ones with answers that don’t depend as much on the demographic asked or would change based on when, where, etc they were asked. So in general when thinking about who gave the answers, assume that each question was asked to a diverse group from around the US with a wide age range.


1st: 100 oz beer tower, a round of shots & a swag bag!
2nd: 50% off your entire team bill, a round of shots & a swag bag!
3rd: 35% off your entire team bill, a round of shots & a swag bag!
*Valid the night you win or the following week. Valid for items ordered 6:30-9:30 pm. Max discount $100.
4th-8th: Each team placing 4th-8th will draw a random prize, including gift certificates, rounds of shots, food vouchers, beer/liquor swag & more!
OVERALL PRIZES: To determine who wins the overall league prizes, we take your TOP 2 scores over the 5 week season. This allows any team with even just 1 decent score over the first 4 weeks to come the final night and kick butt to win the overall prizes! Or a team that has already had 2 great scores will know they could already be winners! So you can easily win weekly prizes any night, as well as win the overall prizes without doing amazing all 5 weeks.
1st: All-you-can Drink & Eat Party for 8 + $100 The River Gift Cert + $100 Barcocina Gift Cert ($440 Value)
2nd: All-you-can Drink & Eat Party for 8 + $100 The River Gift Cert ($340 value)
3rd: All-you-can Drink & Eat Party for 8 ($210 value)
4th: $100 The River Gift Cert
5th: $50 The River Gift Cert 

Still got general questions about our leagues?

Answers for almost everything can be found in the FAQ Section.


Or shoot an email to for a quick reply!

Where We Play

The River Kitchen & Bar
2909 N Sheffield Ave

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