16" Softball

Sundays @ Wrightwood Park

Schedule & Results

So, how good are ya?

To break ties, the team with the least amount of total runs scored against them gets the higher rank. This is a more fair, rec league way of doing this that still benefits your team for playing well on defense but also discourages teams from running up the score on their competition which is not nice or fun.
Rank Team Color Record Runs Allowed
1 Graphite Heather Graphite Heather 1-0 0
1 Mitts Out, Tits Out Blackberry 1-0 0
3 Dirty Ds Greens 1-0 1
4 Southsiders None 1-0 3
5 I’d hit that Lilac 1-0 5
6 Dump Truxxx Purple 0-1 7
7 Neon Pandas Neon Green 0-1 9
8 Heather Sapphire Heather Sapphire 0-1 10
8 KC & the Sunshine Squad Midnight 0-1 10
8 Los Borrachos Sport Grey 0-1 10

Full Regular Season Schedule & Results

Games are played at Wrightwood Park

Date Time Away Team Home Team
Sunday, September 17th - Games Called Off
Sun 9/24 12:00 PM I’d hit that 7 Dump Truxxx 5
Sun 9/24 12:50 PM Neon Pandas 3 Southsiders 9
Sun 9/24 1:40 PM Graphite Heather 10 KC & the Sunshine Squad 0
Sun 9/24 2:30 PM Los Borrachos 0 Mitts Out, Tits Out 10
Sun 9/24 3:20 PM Dirty Ds 10 Heather Sapphire 1
Sun 10/1 12:00 PM Los Borrachos Graphite Heather
Sun 10/1 12:50 PM Mitts Out, Tits Out Dirty Ds
Sun 10/1 1:40 PM KC & the Sunshine Squad Dump Truxxx
Sun 10/1 2:30 PM Heather Sapphire Neon Pandas
Sun 10/1 3:20 PM Southsiders I’d hit that
Sun 10/8 12:00 PM Neon Pandas KC & the Sunshine Squad
Sun 10/8 12:50 PM Southsiders Graphite Heather
Sun 10/8 1:40 PM Heather Sapphire Los Borrachos
Sun 10/8 2:30 PM I’d hit that Dirty Ds
Sun 10/8 3:20 PM Dump Truxxx Mitts Out, Tits Out
Sunday, October 15th - Theme Theme Day!
Pick a theme, any theme, and dress up. Get crazy or keep it simple, but every team should be themed up this day! Why? Cuz it's a fun, crazy league, that's why! Let's see who can show off the best team spirit 🙂
Sun 10/15 12:00 PM Dirty Ds Southsiders
Sun 10/15 12:50 PM Graphite Heather Heather Sapphire
Sun 10/15 1:40 PM Mitts Out, Tits Out I’d hit that
Sun 10/15 2:30 PM Dump Truxxx Neon Pandas
Sun 10/15 3:20 PM KC & the Sunshine Squad Los Borrachos
Sunday, October 22nd - Playoff Tourneys!
For our final day playoff tourneys, teams are placed into multiple independent divisions based on regular season records.Because these are social leagues, some teams aren't as good at softball as they are at hanging out and having drinks at the bar after games. This method of running playoffs allows similarly skilled teams to play each other in the end, and so any team can end the season as champs. The winner of each division's Championship Match gets a team party at our sponsor bar!